Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

An introduction to my blog

Hey ! 👋

Hello, my name is Julien and I’m a student in computer science.

I’m actually surprise someone is reading this, but I’m glad you are here.

Who am I ?

I’m a 19 years old student in computer science. I’m currently in my first year of a “licence” (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree) in computer science. On my spare time, I’m working at a non-profit organization called Pacifiscan, where I’m building an open source application to help people recycle their waste.

What is this blog about ?

This blog is about my journey in computer science, and my projects.

I will try to write articles about what I’m learning, and what I’m doing.

I will also try to write articles about my projects, and how I made them.

How was this blog made ?

This blog is made with Astro, a static site generator.

I’m using TailwindCSS for the styling.

For the comments, I’m using Utterances.

For the analytics, I’m using Simple Analytics.

And to host the website, I’m using Vercel.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact me with contact@julienc.me.